The complexity of medicines development and urgency to deliver effective patient engagement necessitates a phased working approach to the development of a meta-­framework for patient engagement- PFMD’ end goal.

PFMD is taking a rational and methodological approach to co-create a meta-framework with key stakeholders in 4 key steps:


The next step in PFMD’s approach is to create 3 working groups of committed experts and stakeholders. Each Group will focus its efforts on patient engagement at a specific stage of the medicines development pathway.

  • ­ Working Group 1: Discovery and Preclinical
  • ­ Working Group 2: Phase II, Phase III clinical studies and Regulatory
  • ­ Working Group 3: Phase IV clinical studies and life­cycle management (including safety and compliance)

Outputs of the Working Groups will then be integrated in the global patient engagement meta­-framework.

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Photo credits: Steps, by Tim Green, used under the Creative Commons license