Understanding stakeholders expectations for patient engagement

A study designed to explore key patient engagement themes of each involved stakeholder group

Global Patient Engagement Mapping and Networking Tool – Brochure

The Mapping and Networking Tool has been developed by PFMD as an integral part of a larger effort to build a connected and global patient engagement ecosystem.

Global Patient Engagement Mapping and Networking Tool – One Pager

Find out more about the Mapping and Networking Tool in a brief one pager. Make your patient engagement initiatives matter on the global stage!

Partnering With Patients in the Development and Lifecycle of Medicines: A Call for Action

Stakeholders involved in the development and lifecycle management of medicines agree that more effective patient involvement is needed to ensure that patient needs and priorities are met

Reputation and Crisis Management Toolkit

The complete toolkit to guide you through the process of creating a communication crisis strategy adapted to your organisation.

Patient Focused Medicine Development in a nutshell

PFMD - an independent global coalition that aims to improve global health by co-designing the future of healthcare for patients WITH patients.

Patient engagement initiatives

A complete and comprehensive search engine for patient engagement initiatives

Experts Network

Showcase your passion for patient engagement and connect with like-minded people

Organisations repository

Discover what other organisations are doing in the patient engagement field. Learn and connect with possible partners

Culture and Process Change as a Priority for Patient Engagement in Medicines Development

The PFMD coalition highlights the need to remove organisational barriers that prevent effective patient engagement.

In the end, and the beginning, it’s all about me

Nicholas Brooke, Jan Geissler and Roslyn F. Schneider joined article on the Pledge to Patients global initiative

Patient Engagement Quality Guidance

A practical guide to planning, developing and assessing the quality of patient engagement activities and projects throughout the development and lifecycle of medicines.

Collaborative Patient Engagement: Mapping the Global Landscape

Collaborative Patient Engagement: mapping the global landscape. A first step in co-creating an action-orientated framework for patient engagement.

There is a critical mass developing in patient engagement

Kim McCleary Managing Director of FasterCures, a centre of the Milken Institute shares her views on the growing commitment to ensuring better patient engagement

Patient engagement is changing the entire drug development process

Graeme Johnston, patient and member of the Advisory Board of Patient Focused Medicines Development discusses inspiring new developments in patient engagement and some potential challenges

Roslyn Schneider, Global Patients’ Affairs Lead at Pfizer, on #PatientEngagement

PFMD member Roslyn Schneider, Global Patients’ Affairs Lead at Pfizer discusses emerging trends in the development of meaningful patient engagement

Theresa Mullin, Director of Strategic Programmes FDA Centre for Drugs, on #PatientEngagement

Theresa Mullin, Director of Strategic Programmes for the FDA Centre for Drugs shares her views about the importance of recognising patients and caregivers as experts

Health coalition pursues a unique and global approach to patient engagement

Members of Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) have shared their views in a recent video highlighting the benefits of global collaboration in patient engagement.

Patient engagement coalition emphasises need for global leaders to work together

Members of Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) have shared their views in a recent video highlighting the benefits of global collaboration in patient engagement.

Multinational coalition commits to internal change to ensure patient engagement

Members of PFMD have committed to generating change within their own organisations to ensure better patient engagement across the lifecycle of drug development.

Multinational coalition focus on co-creation of meta-framework to benefit patients globally

embers of Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD) discuss the importance of creating a standardised patient engagement framework that directly benefits patients in a recent video.

Patient Involvement: “We need to give the doctors the tools that answer the needs of the patients.”

Dr. Paul Robinson has a unique and first-hand perspective on what better patient involvement means.r. Paul Robinson is the R&D Director for EMEA Region at Merck Consumer Healthcare.

Geraint Thomas, Patient Affairs Director, Amgen Europe on challenges linked to patient engagement

Working in such a huge multi-stakeholder environment generate challenges every step of the way. Understanding what the patient needs are, is essential. Companies have to be receptive and ready to act.

Dr Lode Dewulf, VP and Chief Patient Affairs at UCB on patient engagement

Dr Lode Dewulf, VP and Chief Patient Affairs at UCB: building harmonised ways to consistently talk to patients across countries, at global scale

Focus on the impact on patient’s health

Dr Lode Dewulf, VP and Chief Patient Affairs at UCB on how healthcare professionals become responsible for the outcomes of care. And how this is want the patient wants too.

Why we need to stop creating medicines for the average patient

Dr Lode Dewulf, VP and Chief Patient Affairs at UCB, on the changes that need to happen in the healthcare system, linked to patient engagement.

Patient engagement should be the norm

Nicola Bedlington, Secretary General, EPF: there’s a big commitment to engaging patients, but that is happening in quite a fragmented way. We need a global perspective.

Why we need more human interaction in healthcare

Marylin Metcalf, Senior Director, Benefit Risk Evaluation GSK: healthcare is not just about medicine, but also about the way we live.

Treatments should reflect values that are important to patients

Marc Boutin, Chief Executive Officer at National Health Council: "We need treatments that reflect values that are important to patients."

From deciding FOR patients, to deciding WITH patients

Tony Hoos, the Head of Medical for Europe at Amgen explains why it is important for informed patients to be able to have a meaningful say in the drug development process.

Why Research needs to be more Patient-Centric

"About 85% of all investments into research are being wasted by asking the wrong questions", says Jan Geissler, Director, European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI).