Patient Engagement for Medicines Development in a nutshell

PFMD Contributors’ Network

Co-creating a meta-framework for patient engagement takes collective collaboration and commitment. PFMD has organised 6 workshops with 76 international participants representing patients/ patient organisations, industry (including CRO and biotech), independent experts (with backgrounds from academia, research and also industry), HTA and regulatory.

Find out who has been part of the Framework building Working groups and task forces in the sections below. Find more information about them by clicking on their name. This will lead you to the SYNaPsE Experts Network.

76 Participants, representing
51 organisations, in:

  • 3 Working Group meetings,
  • 4 Task force meetings,
  • and numerous alignment calls.

30 Industry representatives

20 Patient/ patient organisation representatives

6 CRO/ Service providers to pharma industry- representatives

5 Independent experts with various related expertise

4 HTA/ Regulatory representatives

4 National and supranational organisations

3 Research Hospital representatives

2 Academic researchers

2 Non-profit organisation representatives

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Representing 51 Organisations