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How to use bookmarks

Use bookmarks to follow organisations, initiatives, people, resources or Pledges interesting to you. You will receive notifications if the bookmarked items are edited or updated.

Step 1: Login

Step 2: From your dashboard, click on “Organisations”, then on “All organisations”, remember to use filters to search for something specific.


Step 3: Select the organisation you want to bookmark and click on “Bookmark organisation”.


Initiatives, users and resources can be bookmarked in the same way as organisations.


How To: Find Bookmarked Organisations

All bookmarked organisation can be found in “Bookmarked organisations” section


Bookmarked initiatives, users and resources can be found in the same way as organisations, under their own sections.


How To: Delete a Bookmark

Step 1: Go back to your dashboard and scroll down to your bookmarks.

Step 2: Click on a “cross” in front of the bookmark that needs to be deleted.


Bookmarking and deleting bookmarks for initiatives, users and resources work in the same way as organisations.