Pe training - Patient Focused Medicines Development

Patient engagement used to be but a dream. But that’s not the case anymore. Are you ready to take the first step and make it happen?

No matter what your role is, you can still make a difference. Follow the co-created patient engagement awareness and training programme for health industry professionals.

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The patient engagement industry training is an innovative learning program that will concretely help you start your patient engagement journey or take it to the next level.


Dedicated to anyone

The training is dedicated to anyone working in a pharmaceutical company. From the R&D specialist, to the sales guru, from the personal assistant to the compliance expert, from the factory clerk to the HR lead.


Meaningful patient engagement

We don’t want to spoil everything, but you’ll discover what is meaningful patient engagement, why is everyone talking about it like the next big thing, who is doing it, and how to get it right

Making everything easier for you

That sounds great, but I really don’t have time for another training now. Don’t worry, you can do it at your own pace and even get a certification in the end. The training is divided into short chapters, with interactive content and videos making everything easier for you.

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Check out why this training is so needed:

nullInvolving patients in a meaningful way will not only determine the quality of the medical solution but will also increase performance in various phases of the medicines development

This training programme for health industry professionals will give you the context and scope to understand the potential and benefits of patient engagement

Drug development may once have been daunted by the prospect of patient engagement – indeed, cost and compliance were common reasons for avoiding it entirely, but this mindset is shifting

Meaningful patient engagement requires the proper tools and methods and this co-created training programme can help you understand the industry standards

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The Patient Engagement Industry Training was requested and endorsed by 6 pharma companies from the PFMD partnership, and co-created together with EUPATI and other stakeholders.

The target

We are targeting half a million people in the pharmaceutical industry, while moving to more concrete capabilities for doing patient engagement.

Be a part of the change


We are so convinced that you’ll love this training, that we are already working on the second module. This will describe in depth how to do meaningful, successful patient engagement initiatives.

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