In a Pharma Talk Radio interview, Marc Boutin – Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Council – explains what the ‘chronic care trifecta’ means for patients.

“The ‘chronic care trifecta’ means that patients are looking for a clinical outcome in the context of their personal goals and their life circumstances. Every individual has a set of goals even at the end of life.

Those goals really largely define what treatments are going to be most appropriate for you and your life circumstances has a huge impact on that.”

“For example let’s take two people with a similar stage of Parkinson’s disease and look at the different treatment options that are available. One may want to make sure that his or her employer doesn’t realize that they have a neurological condition because they’re afraid that they’re going to be discriminated against or not get a promotion or lose their job. The other may be more concerned about being able to sleep well. These two very different goals will largely determine which treatment would be best for them. Yet, in the delivery system those issues are not picked up on.”

“We’re making great progress on personalised medicine and aligning a medicine with someone’s genetics is critically important. Aligning a medicine with what’s important to the patient in terms of their goals and their personal aspirations is just as important.”

Listen to the interview below:


Marc Boutin will be speaking at the Patients as Partners conference on March 14–15, 2016 in Philadelphia (