PFMD Webinar 2018 - Patient Focused Medicines Development

Co-create with PFMD in 2019

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Join the PFMD co-creation work in 2019

In the summer 2018 we opened a public consultation on over 150 PE activities we identified to guide us on the priorities for the next steps in co-creating a truly useful and practical Meta-framework for all stakeholders on their patient engagement journey.

The hour-long webinar on December 4th, 2018 showed results of that public consultation and discussed the next steps in the strategy for 2019.

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Join the PFMD co-creation work in 2019 and help us understand where your interest and expertise lie with regards to joining the co-creation Working Groups.

Who should participate:


Research funders

Policymakers or Regulators

Patient Representatives, Patients Organisations or Caregivers

Healthcare professionals

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies

Research & Academia representatives

Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology/ Medical Technology (devices) industry representatives

Payers (insurers or other organisations paying for healthcare)

We welcome stakeholders from all phases of medicines research, development and delivery lifecycle to join this session.

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Background information

PFMD Framework building work stream started in 2016 by organising 3 Working groups to determine the critical action points to make patient engagement (PE) happen systematically and on a big scale. Our milestones to date include multiple co-creation workshops with independent stakeholders as well as those who represented over 50 organisations.

Our achievements, the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance and the Book of Good Practices were expected and well received by the community, but that was only the beginning.