Patient Engagement
Open Forum 2021

A patient-centered environment for co-creation of solutions with and by all involved stakeholders to practice and develop patient engagement (PE) as the new normal.

Why is the Patient Engagement Open Forum a key initiative in the Patient engagement ecosystem

To offer a space to shape and deliver better health outcomes WITH and for patients

The Forum aims to provide a holistic perspective of patient engagement, the landscape and actors, and foster collaboration and co-creation while breaking down fragmentation and silos that are often present in patient engagement work.
To create a place where the patient engagement community can catalyze Patient Engagement through co-creation and foster promotion of Patient Engagement innovations, networking, building trust, acceptance, and awareness to ensure continuity and integration of PE solutions.

How is the Patient Engagement Open Forum delivering on its promise?

Practice and Develop co-creation WITH patients and all stakeholders

It all begins with the collaboration of key patient-led coalitions, organizations, and initiatives (such as PFMD, EUPATI, and EPF) to coordinate and align in a non-competitive manner with a clear focus on advancing meaningful Patient Engagement.
Building on the success of 2018-2020 past editions (in-person and virtual), the PEOF 2021 is a series of ‘working’ online conferences that represent community-led, real-time co-creation with a hands-on approach. The PEOF 2021 will be organized fully online as a series of events, once every quarter. The events will span over two afternoons (CET), back-to-back, four times a year: April, June, September, and December.

What is the Patient Engagement Open Forum?

Patient Engagement Open Forum (PEOF) is a series of virtual events where we will work together, in a multi-stakeholder context, to turn patient engagement into reality.

Want to be involved?

Join the place for the patient engagement community to foster innovation, network, share practices, build trust, acceptance, and awareness