Patient Engagement for Medicines Development in a nutshell

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SYNaPsE is a dynamic user-populated platform that categorises and ‘maps’ patient engagement initiatives and frameworks, organisations active in patient engagement, experts and resources. With 247 initiatives, 183 organisations and 687 users, Synapse is becoming the go to place for all patient engagement experts and enthusiasts.

A global framework for patient engagement

The patient engagement landscape is fragmented and currently here is no general agreement on a standardised way to do patient engagement projects or to measure their impact. That’s why PFMD aims to establish, at global level, a systematic and consistent approach to patient involvement – a worldwide accepted standard for how and when the patient engagement should take place.

A community effort for cultural change

The individual Pledge to Patients unites the whole patient engagement community under a common objective – a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. No strings attached. Pledge to Patients is a personal promise to make the small changes that add up to a real cultural shift. It’s been designed to be simple, meaningful and shareable to inspire anyone committed to patient engagement.

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