About PFMD - partnering with patients for better medicines

Integrating the voice of the PATIENT across the lifecycle of medicine

Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) aims to transform the way in which we understand, engage, and partner with patients globally in the design and development of research and medicines by focusing on unmet patient needs. We are bringing together and synergizing disparate but complementary efforts that integrate the voice of the PATIENT across the lifecycle of medicine. PFMD was established in October 2015 as an open, independent global coalition of health stakeholders.

A globally standardised meta-framework

PFMD is driving co-creation and implementation of a globally standardised meta-framework for patient engagement to make patient engagement more consistent, effective and meaningful. We are taking a rational 4-stage approach to meta-framework co-creation with tangible outputs made available to the patient engagement community at each stage

PFMD’s motivation

The healthcare system has dramatically changed in the past two decades. Throughout history, physicians or the pharma industry took decisions for the patients. Today patients feel more empowered to take part in defining and developing medicines and care for them.  Industry and regulators realize that they need to work with the patients in order to better serve the patients’ needs and desires.

Today, isolated initiatives for meaningful Patient Engagement exist, but the approach is fragmented, and thus produces fragmented results. Initiatives that involve patients in the development and lifecycle of medicines do exist, but they are isolated and fragmented. Organisations do not communicate with each other, and work is sometimes duplicated or conclusions are contradictory. As a consequence results are fragmented.

To develop solutions, the need for a collective approach has become an evidence: at patient side, at the industry side, at the government side.

Only an open and neutral platform of all stakeholders can achieve the common objectives of all parties. That’s why PFMD brings all stakeholders on board: patient organisations, industry, regulators, HTA bodies, funding organisations, research and academia, etc. The platform and action areas are deliberately outside the competitive environment, which ensures that stakeholders reach common positions serving the common goal.

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