Patient engagement is becoming the norm. Are you and your organization ready for it?

Tap into 200+ years of collective patient engagement experience with this unique co-created training

Why consider an organization-wide training for patient engagement

Leaders in healthcare need to ensure that the patient voice is heard and high quality patient engagement practices are implemented across the health lifecycle.

Rising demand for a rigorous approach to involving patients has created a need for systemic capacity building. The co-created Patient Engagement training is THE solution for effective patient engagement capacity building

A co-created, interactive and accredited patient engagement learning program

A program addressing the needs of professionals at all levels of the healthcare sector

A learning program integrated within a global hub for patient engagement tools and best practices

Content co-created with top industry, patient organizations, regulators and academia (200+ years of collective patient engagement experience)

The training in numbers:

  • 30,000+ individuals already enrolled
  • 200+ organizations already utilizing it
  • Present in 90+ countries
  • 6 languages available. More to come soon
  • 8 organizations that made the training available to their staff: Servier, Novartis, GSK, Roche, Gilead, MSD, Janssen, Sobi

Organizations that are already using the training for patient engagement capacity building

Experiences from some of the organizations that have implemented the training

More about the Patient Engagement training

What will the project achieve?

Who is it for

Anyone working in the pharmaceutical or medtech sector.

  • Any employee that wants or needs to understand the basic of patient engagement
  • Teams that are or will implement patient engagement activities
  • Management overseeing patient engagement activities or driving patient engagement strategies
About the curriculum

The patient engagement training offers:

  • A quick 15 minute version for a company-wide awareness training
  • A 45 minute in-depth training on what patient engagement is and how to get it right
  • A 2 hours training for teams that are or will drive and implement patient engagement practices
How can an organization benefit from it

By accessing the patient engagement training you will:

  • Demonstrate a company stand for patient centricity
  • Train your employees for patient centricity and high quality patient engagement practices
  • Access ready-made co-created content by industry and regulatory experts, patient and patient advocates

Co-created content ensures high quality and up to date educational standards

Anyone can create patient engagement education. To ensure a globally accepted and standardized approach to capacity building, as well as an efficient approach to design and development, the Patient Engagement Training has been co-created with a wide representative stakeholder group, based on years of learnings and successful approaches for systematic patient engagement.

The co-creation work resulted in:

An evergreen training that can meet the needs of various people, teams and organizations

A user friendly and practical approach to patient engagement education

A material that integrates ecosystem’s best practices and approaches, avoiding duplication of effort

An education solution that has been extensively tested with top pharma companies

The Patient Engagement Training – adapted to the medtech industry

Looking ahead, the existing training is spreading quickly in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as among regulatory and HTA bodies, and patient organizations. But the need for systematic patient engagement goes beyond that. That’s why we have decided to further adapt this training for the medtech and biotech industry. If you would like to join the efforts to adapt it please reach out to @brian@thesynergist.org.

All organizations that are part of the adaptation work will benefit from a PFMD Membership standard rate when accessing the end result.