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Patient engagement capacity and capability is becoming a core strategy and a competency that helps drive solutions and innovation for patients and the healthcare industry.

But how about Medtech?
Are we ready to face the consequences of NOT involving patients in future product development and launches in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape?

PFMD partnership is supporting the patient engagement advancements in the medtech sector

A multi-stakeholder group consisting of 13 organizations from the medical device industry and patient organizations came together in 2020 to adapt several Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) co-created Patient Engagement tools, to ensure their suitability and applicability for the medical device industry. Their objective was to support the advancement of effective and successful patient engagement within medtech companies by tailoring these tools to the device industry.

These tools have been optimized to build your team’s capabilities and capacity to do more meaningful and effective patient engagement that can contribute to driving innovation and improving the health outcomes of your targeted population.

Tools to start your patient engagement journey

Adapted Patient Engagement Quality Guidance for the medical device industry

A practical workbook for addressing the 7 Quality Criteria for good patient engagement.
Great for planning new projects or assess ongoing or past projects

Adapted Synapse Software to include medical device companies

The patient engagement platform that encourages sharing resources and good practices and also manage organization’s patient engagement activities internally on a private dashboard

Validation of the Training Platform’s Usefulness and Proposals for Future Adaptations

The multi-stakeholder group tested and validated the usefulness of current patient engagement training for the industry. Suggestions were also gathered for a future adaptation that might improve the value of trainings for the medical device industry.

Adapted Reference Contract for collaborations with patients

The co-created Guiding Principles for contracts for collaborations between industry and patients.
⇒ Use and adapt the co-created reference contract to improve the contracting process and set up partnerships with patients faster and easier.

Collaborators and Patient Engagement Champions