The healthcare system evolves every day.

But access to life-saving clinical trials is still a challenge.
An open, non-competitive repository of clinical protocols enriched with additional structure and information for better matching of clinical trials

Challenges of the current clinical trials ecosystem

It’s hard for patients to find active clinical trials they’re eligible for and it’s hard to address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion needs.

With the emergence of precision medicine, eligibility criteria are becoming increasingly narrow and are usually unstructured.

In addition to this, not all of the details necessary for considering participation are part of the original protocol.

So even when a patient finds a clinical trial, the language is  technical and hard to understand.


An open, non-competitive repository of clinical protocols that are enriched with additional structure and information so that better matches can be made between patients and providers of clinical trials.

As an industry, we have to be able to come together to share information so that we can identify the right patients for recruiting trials, meet enrollment goals and ultimately make new treatments available faster.

Rebecca Vermeulen

Head Global Medical Liaisons and Communications, Roche

The CTDN aims to support sponsors in depositing information about their trial eligibility criteria in a structured language

Elly Cohen

Co-founder & Senior Advisor Breast Cancer Trials

Join us today in shaping and improving the future of the clinical trials ecosystem.

Work to date & how to get involved

Advancements to date

Proof of concept pilot in the field of oncology (topics like breast cancer & multiple myeloma)

A digital pilot demo demonstrating the potential of structured data for improved matching services

Co-creation sessions that defined new elements to support the enrichment of data in clinical trial protocols

Sponsors that make this work possible

Everyone involved in this workstream