Mission and Strategy

PFMD’s goal is to improve global health by co-designing the future of healthcare for patients WITH patients. Its mission is to bring together initiatives and best practices that integrate the voice of the patient thereby speeding up the creation and implementation of an effective, globally standardized framework – that involves patients as partners – as well as the necessary tools, services and support to allow the adoption of the framework by various stakeholders. PFMD, as The patient engagement platform, has all ingredients to be nurtured & matured: Agile, Holistic, Inclusive, non-Competitive, to take patient engagement to the next level.

PFMD Strategic Approach

Scaling Patient Engagement in Drug Development

Shift from a linear drug development model focused on the product to a circular model organized WITH and around patients and health outcomes.

Streamline Patient Engagement in drug development by sharing one coherent Patient Engagement reference framework adaptable across stakeholders and the lifecycle medicine.

Further develop the reference framework in terms of extending and deepening its relevance for patients and organizations.

Build on existing work to establish Patient Engagement in health systems and devices.

Build the conditions and enablers of Patient Engagement

Continue developing and deploying Patient Engagement enablers to facilitate Patient Engagement adoption.

Scale the network and Patient Engagement acosystem to grow the sphere of influence, impact and shared practices.

Build ecosystem capability, capacity and sustainability from existing and new solutions to foster a ready made Patient Engagement environment.

Integrate Health Literacy in all activities to ensure clarity and shared understanding by all stakeholders starting WITH the patients.

Build Patient Engagement in Digital Health and Data

Build a community of early adopters within digital health and data topic areas to inspire and help create a culture shift whereby Patient Engagement becomes regular practice.

Identify strategic areas for patient engagement in digital health and data and build on existing work to establish systematic Patient Engagement good practices.