Patient Engagement for Medicines Development in a nutshell

Improve global health by co-designing the future of healthcare for patients with patients

What is needed for meaningful patient engagement in medicines development?

Globally accepted guiding principles around patient engagement and co-ordination of efforts

A platform for routinely sharing experience, leveraging and integrating good practices

An effective, measurable and reliable meta-framework that integrates the voice of the patient across the medicines lifecycle

Core PFMD projects and workstreams

Understanding, connecting and synergising towards a meta-framework

SYNaPsE – your patient engagement hub

SYNaPsE – PFMD’s Global Mapping and Networking Tool aims to SYNergise Patient Engagement. It’s a dynamic user-populated platform that categorises and ‘maps’ patient engagement initiatives and frameworks, and organisations active in patient engagement.

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Pledge to Patients

Individual pledge to Patients unites the whole patient engagement community under a common objective – a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. Whether you are an independent academic researcher, a clinical development lead in pharma, or a regulatory expert – the Pledge is for you and for anyone whose work impacts patients. Taking the Pledge to Patients means committing to simple, measurable and sustainable patient-centred principles, that will lead to better and more meaningful patient and healthcare outcomes.

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Co-creation through Working Groups

Convened as multi-stakeholder task forces to drive co-creation of the meta-framework. Each of the 3 Working Groups is focusing on a specific phase of the medicines development lifecycle.

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Stakeholder Matrix Survey

An ongoing project to understand what stakeholders expect and require for effective and meaningful patient engagement in the medicine development lifecycle.

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Partners and Members

What’s hot in patient engagement

Video interviews