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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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Protecting everyone’s interests: the RAPP project

The result of a truly collaborative project, a series of reasonable legal agreement templates, offers protection for both patients and pharmaceutical companies, explains Federica Castiglione of Novartis Achieving meaningful patient...

Involving patients in drug development – from the start

Patient engagement in preclinical research is a new phenomenon. Dr David Feldman, National Kidney Foundation, says a forthcoming PFMD How-To Guide will help connect researchers and patients in the earliest stages of medicines...

Training can help to build capacity for patient engagement

Prof Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove, Managing Director of ECCRT, discusses the forthcoming PFMD ‘How-To Module for Capacity Building’ and how the COVID-19 pandemic is shifting attitudes to online...

How-To Modules for Patient Engagement 2020

Author: Chi Pakarinen, Project Manager at The Synergist The co-creation Working Groups have been busy devising the various “How-To” guides, each focused on different activities and stages of the medicines development lifecycle. Check...

Ensuring the patient’s voice is heard

Esther Krofah, MPP, is the executive director of FasterCures, a center of the world-renowned Milken Institute. Having recently joined the board, she brings her extensive experience in the government, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors to...

“We need to take patient involvement to new levels”

Dr Sanja Njegic is the Global Head of Patient Partnership at F. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd (Roche). She is responsible for facilitating early and systematic engagement with patient communities across the product lifecycle through...

‘We need to build infrastructure to support patient-centricity’ 

Dr Anthony Yanni, SVP and Global Head, Patient Centricity at Astellas, brings clinical and industry experience to the PFMD Board. His recipe for advancing patient engagement centres on establishing systems to maximise how patient insights...

Nobody has ever regretted patient engagement

David Haerry has been an active patient advocate since 1997. A prominent member of EUPATI, David was also involved in several European and global research networks and research collaborations. He co-chaired the Patient and Consumer Working...

Promoting the interests of patients in research

The Health Research Authority plays an important role in driving patient engagement in the UK. We asked Jim Elliott, Public Involvement Lead at the Health Research Authority & a newly-appointed PFMD Board Member, how the HRA sees the...