Join PFMD - Patient Focused Medicines Development


PFMD was established in 2015 as an independent global initiative. It is an open non-profit partnership based on expertise and commitment to better and meaningful patient engagement inside and outside of member organisations. PFMD seeks to have a balanced representation of stakeholders to ensure transparency, inclusiveness, diversity and credibility.

Who can join PFMD?

We welcome membership from institutions, organizations and enterprises that support a better future for patients and are looking for new members with the commitment, passion and expertise to drive meaningful patient engagement.

4 reasons to join PFMD

1. Shape the patient engagement landscape today and tomorrow

  • Use your skills and experience to shape the future of patient engagement

  • Ensure your objectives and priorities are heard

  • Have a united and strengthened voice on key patient engagement issues

2. Increase your patient engagement network and sphere of influence

  • Establish effective links with internationally influential PFMD members

  • Communicate with a wider group of stakeholders through PFMD connections

  • Overcome potential operational restrictions to stakeholder engagement

  • Join a global patient engagement community

3. Access latest resources and opportunities for patient engagement

  • Access PFMD resources and tools including a global database of patient engagement initiatives

  • Get invited to expert workshops, webinars and meetings

  • Participate in pilot programmes and get support for your patient engagement initiatives

4. Develop tools to help organisations embrace and implement patient engagement

How to join PFMD?

Please complete the information form to let us know about your organisation, its commitment to patient engagement and the expertise you would bring to PFMD.

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