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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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Hearing the voices of children in medicines R&D

The views of patients are too often ignored by researchers. Now some clinicians and companies are seeing the value of engaging with younger people  Young patients are up against it. Depending on their illness, they may feel very unwell,...

PEOF 2021 How to Connect Patients to Digital Health

Google the phrase “digital health” and you’ll get roughly 50 million results. But what does it actually mean for patients in practice?    An umbrella area allowing exponential scaling in terms of data, networks, information,...

Putting cardiovascular patients at the heart of the technology revolution

The Global Heart Hub is empowering patients to play a central role in improving their health care. Its founder, Neil Johnson, sees opportunities for medtech and digital health companies to engage with people affected by cardiovascular...

The road to patient-centred medtech

As medical technology companies become more patient-centred, industry leaders seek to enter the patient engagement fast lane. There is still some distance to travel. The medical technology sector is highly diverse, populated by thousands...

Virtual events: tips for patient organisations

As more patient advocates embrace online meetings, what’s the secret to attracting, engaging and keeping your audience? A series of webinars takes you through the 33 questions you need to ask to create impactful events.    The...

The challenges of engaging patients with rare diseases 

Patient engagement requires a critical mass of patients with the time, expertise and language skills to work with medicines developers. For rare diseases, these patients are hard to find, but EU initiatives offer...

Coping with COVID: Pandemic putting pressure on vulnerable patients 

Vulnerable patients are at risk of serious illness if they are infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. By disrupting research, clinic visits and patient engagement meeting, the pandemic will also have a long-term impact, writes Gary...