Better patient engagement in medicine development begins with understanding and categorizing the existing landscape.

PFMD has developed and launched an online mapping and networking platform that captures, maps and categorizes patient engagement initiatives from across the globe. The platform facilitates networking and collaboration, and will be used to incorporate best practices into an integrated patient involvement framework.

Explore the mapping and networking tool

Mapping and networking tool functionalities

  1. The search engine: search for inspiration to drive your patient engagement efforts, find out what your organization is doing or identify and connect with relevant stakeholders to grow your networks and collaborations
  2. The reports: get a unique overview of the patient engagement landscape based on criteria that matter to you such as geography or location, medical scope, patient expertise and experience, and phase in medicine lifecycle. PFMD members can access enhanced features of the tool including  an internal organization mapping function
  3. Members only: access your organization’s’ report to see where your organization’s activities fit  in the global patient engagement landscape

Explore the mapping and networking tool

The next releases will include:

  • Coming soon: export functionalities. You will be able to login in your account and export the global and your organization report
  • A people network. You will be able to see who is part of this mapping and networking tool, find out more about their experience and even contact them
  • An upgrade of the questionnaire and the reports
  • A resource library. You will be able to find documents and other resources related to specific initiatives & patient engagement in general
  • An organization network. You will be able to check out a “catalogue” of all the organizations using the PE mapping & networking tool