Thierry Escudier is Head of Clinical Development at Pierre Fabre Medicament. He has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry and is an expert in clinical development. In recent years he has gotten involved in patient engagement, and he says he wished to play a role in reviewing the submitted projects for the Book of Good Practices as he wished to “contribute to expanding patient-centricity mindset across the pharmaceutical environment”.
Escudier was largely impressed by the quality of the submitted projects but would have appreciated some more information on the co-creation aspects of some of the projects.
“The best advice I can give to future projects is to clearly detail how the project was built with patients and/or patient groups and not only explain what it is meant for,” he explains.
Nonetheless, Escudier believes the Book of Good Practices will be of immense value to anyone interested in patient engagement.
“The Book of Good Practices is really a valuable resource because it has been evaluated by peers in a standardized way, it gives some benchmark and shows the diversity of actions across the patient engagement community.”

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