Are you and your projects on the map?

by | 9 Apr 2018

SYNaPsE, your tool for meaningful patient engagement, has achieved impressive exponential growth!  With 225 initiatives, 223 organisations and 870 users, SYNaPsE is becoming the go-to resource for all PE experts and enthusiasts.
In addition to this, we launched two new features to help make your life easier, and your patient engagement initiatives more relevant:

  1. The Synapse Resource Library. The fourth main Synapse product now lets you add resources (reports, presentations, videos etc) to your profile, organisation or initiative. You can add links or attach files. The resources can be made available for all platform users or, alternatively, can be kept private.
  2. A new, improved personal dashboard. Now it’s easier than ever to manage your content in Synapse. We have worked really hard to improve the navigation and experience for all logged-in users. Don’t hesitate to login and test it out. We always appreciate feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions.

SYNaPsE is open to all individuals and organisation to build presence on the PE landscape and network and to search it. Some specific Patient Engagement Management (PEM) features including relationship management, advanced reports, PE design and assessment are being developed and will be made accessible to patient organisation for free and within different packages for for-profit organisations.


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