A dedicated team, one objective: better patient engagement

by | 12 Feb 2018

Since the Framework building work stream started in 2016, we’ve held 7 workshops in Europe and the US in order to create the first version of a comprehensive and global framework for all stakeholders to do patient engagement (PE) in a more systematic, rigorous and consistent way.
We have connected with 76 experts who have been key to the co-creation efforts PFMD drives. They’ve worked together to identify key criteria for patient engagement, gaps and priority needs in the current PE landscape and shared their examples in a non-competitive collaborative environment.
This co-creation effort has yielded  valuable tools that will benefit all stakeholders in medicines lifecycle. The working groups include stakeholders from patient organisations, industry, biotech, researchers, regulators, HTA representatives, research hospitals and independent experts, and now form the PFMD Contributors’ Network.
But, at some point, the work had reached a point where the PFMD team needed to form a sub-group of Contributors to drive the next steps of the framework. This group, the Framework Building Core Team, has started their work already and are taking part in strategic discussions, creating content, and acting as the first review and validation point of outputs.
We are happy to introduce to you, the Core team! Click to find out more. 



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