A multinational coalition of stakeholders from across the medicines research and development pathway is addressing the need for a systematic and global approach to patient engagement.

Members of Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD) discuss the need for this synergized universal approach in a recent video.

PFMD member Lode Dewulf VP, Chief Patient Affairs officer at UCB says:

‘We need to find harmonised ways to talk consistently to patients across different countries so that the results in country A are also valuable to country B so that we don’t ultimately waste time and money and delay getting the drugs to the patients that need it”

Jan Geissler, Director at the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) explains: “PFMD has a lot of interesting aspects which other initiatives don’t have – the global aspect; it has people working together in different regulatory environments but in a global research community. We are trying to systematically address how research is being conducted and how patients are being involved’

Tony Hoos, Head of Medical for Europe at Amgen adds:

“What PFMD is here to do is to create a joint framework at a global level to think about what is happening in all these geographies and to build a bridge between these different regions and give patients a meaningful say. Only PFMD is doing this today from Day 1 with patients at the table’

Watch the video interview to find out more:

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