Patient Focused Medicines Development launches an online mapping & networking tool as ‘critical step’ to improve understanding of patient engagement landscape

The Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD – mapping & networking tool is a unique publicly-accessible online tool and a ‘critical step’ that will fill gaps in patient engagement by capturing and mapping key information from patient engagement initiatives around the world. Patient Focused Medicines Development is a global partnership that aims to improve and standardize patient engagement by embedding patients as active partners in the design and development of research and medicines.

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Patient engagement has become increasingly popular but no-one has a clear picture of the type and scope of initiatives already in place. The current patient engagement ecosystem does not identify and spread good practices. This knowledge gap results in duplication of effort, inefficient resource use and hampers progress to deliver meaningful patient engagement.

Designed with the end-user in mind, the tool has a host of innovative features and benefits. Find out more

“We have involved the user and designed a platform in the spirit of co-creation. No-one knows more about an initiative than those who have developed or used it. That’s why we have designed the tool so that information about each initiative is entered by its developers and users. This means the tool doesn’t just capture information but also real experience and insight for each initiative, including its successes and limitations,” explains Nicholas Brooke, PFMD Chief Executive.

Other features and benefits are that as a pro-active collection platform, the tool is able to gather data where no documentation is publicly available. It provides a global ‘Who’s Who’ of patient engagement and also has a comprehensive search function allowing users to find potential partners to drive collaborations. Users can access an overview of the patient engagement landscape, and those who choose to register get a unique report with visual mapping snapshots showing where their initiative ‘fits’ in the landscape by focus area, therapeutic area, geographic scope, degree or spectrum of patient involvement, and level of patient expertise.

“With the growth and emerging importance of patient engagement all stakeholders need to work together and learn from each other – we can no longer work in isolated silos if we are truly committed to effective patient engagement,” said Nicholas Brooke.

The global landscape map of patient engagement that the tool will provide is a critical step towards PFMD’s end goal – to co-create with patients and other health stakeholders an efficient, measurable and reliable meta-framework for meaningful patient engagement across the entire healthcare sector.

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