Members of Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) have committed to generating change within their own organisations to ensure better patient engagement across the lifecycle of drug development.

Stakeholders from the independent global coalition have shared their views about this commitment to internal reform in a recent video.

Lode Dewulf VP, Chief Patient Affairs officer at UCB says: “PFMD is in essence a coalition of the willing. We start with ourselves to make a good impact quickly”

PFMD member Geraint Thomas, Patient Affairs Director at Amgen Europe explains: “There are lots of initiatives happening out there and the role of PFMD is to coalesce and galvanise these organisations and initiatives together and to navigate a path and build bridges between these stakeholders.

He adds:

“We are committed at a senior level at Amgen to take some of these principles internally to change the way we work and interact with patient organisations to get to a place where we are genuinely listening to patients”

Watch the video interview to find out more:

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