A coalition of stakeholders from across the lifecycle of medicines development has emphasised the need to bring together leadership at a global level to ensure that patient engagement becomes the norm. Members of Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) have shared their views in a recent video highlighting the benefits of global collaboration in patient engagement.

PFMD member Nicola Bedlington, Secretary General at European Patients’ Forum says: “Bringing together leadership from diverse stakeholders at a global level will help to ensure that patient engagement across the lifecycle of medicines development is seen as the norm.”

Tony Hoos, Head of Medical for Europe at Amgen explains: “We can only achieve meaningful patient engagement in medicines development if we work together in a non-competitive way to set standards, develop frameworks, and have a  ‘harmonised code’ of how we want to work with patients.”

Paul Robinson Director of Patient Perspectives, Merck says: “We are all sharing our successes, we are sharing our failures, and we will move the whole medicines development process forward as a result of our efforts.”

Watch the video interview to find out more.

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