“How can we ensure that medicines and health solutions are made WITH patients not just for patients? What is your vision for meaningful patient engagement? What is your #PEmoonshot?” 

We want to hear your thoughts on what patient engagement would look like in an ideal world. We want you to dream big — forget limits and embrace possibilities…

  • Imagine if… every patient who wants to has a voice in defining their own care
  • Imagine if … patient needs and priorities were at the heart of every decision on health interventions and systems
  • Imagine if… 1 million patients were involved in co-designing research and the development of medicines globally

Your contribution to the #PEmoonshot will help shape the future we all work towards, and is a long-term objective for us in PFMD. We want to translate your dreams into concrete commitments from all stakeholders including the pharma industry.

In parallel, we develop a patient pledge. The Patient Pledge will help every stakeholder to define and commit to shared standards of HOW healthcare science organisations and individuals should appropriately and meaningfully engage with patients to deliver the best experience and outcome for both patients and their families

The Patient Pledge has three guiding principles; Listen, Co-Create and Communicate. Each of these principles will represent a commitment at an organisation or company level as well as personal targets at an individual level. The Patient Pledge is dynamic: pledges will be renewed periodically and updated and previous commitments will become achievements in the patient engagement “hall of fame”. The #PEmoonshot will help us define the big ambition, the long term goal as we work with short and mid term objectives towards it.

So, what is your #PEmoonshot? And most importantly, what will be your commitment to drive patient engagement? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter, using the #PEmoonshot hashtag.

Photo credit: Moon, by Michael Seeley, used under the Creative Commons license