Have your say now – PFMD launches patient and public consultation on quality guidance for patient engagement

by | 21 Nov 2017

PFMD – Patient Focused Medicines Development – launches today a patient and public consultation to capture feedback and perspectives from all stakeholders  and help complete a new patient engagement quality guidance
The new Patient Engagement Quality Guidance draft is the result of an intensive co-creation project  involving 76 professionals from 51 organisations active in patient engagement (PE). The Guidance has been developed through  systematic review of existing PE frameworks and good practices, refined and augmented with learnings from real-life PE initiatives.
“We know that meaningful PE is increasingly seen as essential in medicines development but what is missing is the how and what ‘good’ looks like. We also need to consolidate the numerous recommendations and guidelines already available so we can unify the currently fragmented PE landscape and achieve more systematic and effective PE,” said PFMD Chief Executive, Nicholas Brooke.  
The Patient Engagement Quality Guidance will provide a practical guide to planning, developing and assessing PE activities and projects throughout the development and lifecycle of medicines. It introduces seven quality criteria intended to support the various stages of PE from planning and quality assessment to capturing outcomes and impact of these activities.
The Patient Engagement Quality Guidance will be complemented with a crowdsourced checklist of “do’s and don’ts” and a book of good practices to provide tangible examples and case studies.
“We want to make the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance as comprehensive and inclusive as possible so that it meets the needs of the diverse stakeholders in PE. That’s why we have launched the public consultation which is open to anyone active in PE with any level of experience. We have worked with patients to develop the Guidance and welcome additional patient input to help shape it further,.” said Brooke.
The Patient Engagement Quality Guidance provides an overarching quality guidance that can be used by all stakeholders, in any phase of the medicines development continuum.


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