In a Pharma Talk Radio interview, Anton (Tony) Hoos – Head of Medical for Amgen Europe – explains why stakeholders need to work together in medicines development. “What we hope for is that all stakeholders involved in drug development help shape the research agenda. This includes having their say in selecting research priorities from the outset and how trials are designed including identifying the most relevant comparators to measure new treatments against. All stakeholders should also have a say in evaluating benefits and risks – understanding what is an acceptable risk for a particular benefit from the perspective of the patient who has to live with that condition is critical.”

“What we’ve seen now is that many stakeholders have thought individually about how they want to engage and involve patients and each are doing their own thing. If we can work collectively to engage patients through the whole medicines development and lifecycle in a consistent way that should lead to better outcomes – not just for patients but for all parties.”

“It will lead only to better outcomes when we have some sort of a common denominator, a common framework and understanding of how we want to work together.”

Listen to the interview below:


Anton (Tony) Hoos will be speaking at the Patients as Partners conference on March 14–15, 2016 in Philadelphia (