Synapse – your tool for patient engagement

by | 29 Mar 2019

Synapse has evolved in the last year, from mapping to connecting the patient engagement ecosystem. The platform has grown 18% in initiatives and 30% in organisations since 2017, further adding to the diversity of the tool. This kind of growth tells us more about the impact Synapse has for those working in patient engagement: it can improve efficiency and productivity in organisations by enabling users to share their patient engagement projects, knowledge, and reports in one coordinated place, available 24/7.

But we always aim to take it one step further, continuously developing and improving the tool. That’s why now we offer users the ability to identify any organisation, initiative and resource based on their condition(disease) of interest. We will soon connect public databases on clinical trials and scientific publications, such as and PubMed, to add relevant clinical trials and publications to initiatives, organisations, people and resources linked to a particular disease.

We have also focused on improving the initiatives interaction, with easier questionnaires that follow the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance logic.

In addition, if you have your organisation login and password, you can now also log in safely and easily with these to avoid creating a new account specifically for Synapse. We also now offer the option of organising users by department, simplifying admin’s role. Last but not least, we have improved Synapse’s security policies, by strengthening the password constraints.

Of course, we have big plans for the future, and we are currently working on improving the dynamic of Synapse, as well as the structure & visualisation of reports. We are also planning new features as following:

  • We are working with Disqover on a strategic partnership in order to give Synapse users access to all publications and clinical studies directly from any disease page
  • We want to give users the ability to create events, mark their interest for an event, or announce their participation to various events. Making sure your peers are part of the event you’re interested in, or organising a successful event, should then be much easier.
  • From a community management perspective, the Synapse team is working to expand Synapse’s reach outside Europe and the USA.
  • We plan to include the patient engagement specific activities we work on as part of the system architecture
  • We are also developing a more interactive and personalised experience

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