The co-created Patient Engagement quality guidance is arriving soon

by | 9 Apr 2018

Our unique Patient Engagement Quality Guidance is finally coming to fruition and will be available very soon. A practical guide to designing, planning, developing and assessing the quality of patient engagement activities and projects throughout the development and life cycle of medicines, the Guidance is currently in the final feedback stage within our community.
In developing the Guidance, we took a very strong methodological approach, starting with an in depth literature review and analysis of all major already existing guidances. The tool was then co-developed with a global large community of stakeholders (a total of 76 people from 51 organisations), representing patient associations, industry, academics, researchers and external experts. The guidance was also submitted to a public consultation that confirmed the language, structure and ways to use the tool (with 68 external responders, 74% completion rate)  .
Once the Guidance is widely available, the next step will also be a full integration with Synapse for seamless usage and integration with your patient engagement initiatives.


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