Patient Engagement for Medicines Development in a nutshell

The Patient Engagement Quality Guidance

The Patient Engagement Quality Guidance is a practical guide to planning, developing and assessing the quality of patient engagement activities and projects throughout the development and life cycle of medicines .

Quick Facts

The tool was co-developed with a large community of stakeholders (76 people from 51 organisations), representing patient associations, industry, academics, researchers and external experts.

Who can use the tool? Simple. All stakeholders in working on patient engagement projects.

Is the Guidance applicable for all PE Projects? Whatever the project is in research phases or life cycle /post launch, the guidance can be applicable

How does it work? The guidance introduces seven quality criteria to assess patient engagement practices. The quality criteria describe the core values that a good initiative should include in its processes. For each criteria guidance questions is helping the project owner. Access to selected best PE examples illustrating quality criteria and external existing resources is reinforcing the usability of the guidance for the end-users.

When to use the Guidance? The guidance can be used in the preparation phase of a project, in the intermediate phases and of course at the end of a project to assess the quality.

The 7 Seven PE Quality Criteria

The PE Quality Guidance proposes 7 Patient Engagement Quality Criteria which have been co-created based on pre-existing patient engagement frameworks published and in the PFMD co-creation efforts that brought together various stakeholders). Click here for more information on the methodology.

These criteria describe the core values that a good Patient Engagement practice should consider.

What’s coming next

Currently a workable paper version is available here. We are actively working towards transforming this tool in a interactive and dynamic format, fully integrating it in Synapse.