Pledge to Patients challenge

by | 21 Nov 2017

We are officially launching a 90-day challenge to secure 500 Pledges to Patients in collaboration with INVOLVE, a PFMD member organisation.
INVOLVE is one of the few government funded organisations in the world that dedicates its work to empower patients and the public to be more involved in health research and development. On the 28th of November, PFMD will be participating in the INVOLVE at 21 conference, which celebrates 21 years of progress in improving public involvement in health and social care research in the UK. In addition to launching the Pledge to Patients Challenge, INVOLVE at 21 will showcase public involvement successes and address challenges with focused sessions, best-practice and learning exchange, networking opportunities and a look at the future of public involvement. We are very excited to be there to represent the international collaboration between INVOLVE and PFMD.
Since joining PFMD in May 2017, INVOLVE has been very active in PFMD projects and has helped us connect to the professionals working in patient involvement and engagement in the UK and beyond. INVOLVE at 21 will bring the Pledge to Patients challenge to the participants of the conference, and to all those working in patient engagement (or for our UK readers: public involvement).

We need to create a cultural shift for patient engagement and you should be part of it….

  • If you are committed to more meaningful patient engagement in medicines lifecycle
  • If you believe that patients should be engaged and involved early, regularly, systematically and more meaningfully – as a partner in the medicines lifecycle – from the very early stages of research and development all the way through the care journey.

You can make your Pledge to Patients whatever your level of experience and whether or not you directly engage with patients in your day-to-day work. By taking the Pledge, we ask you to make a commitment to listen, communicate and co-create with patients and the public.
You can get inspiration from concrete examples of commitments we have already seen on the Pledge*

  • I will co-create a clinical trial protocol
  • I will talk to my family member with ovarian cancer in the next month to understand more about her experience as a patient expert and what she has appreciated/not appreciated about her various engagements with industry.
  • I will ask the next 5 patients I’m going to meet in my job as a manager of patient affairs for a pharmaceutical company, what my company can do to improve her/his life most.
  • As a manager of patient affairs, I will always respond to any patient request within 10 working days.
  • I will make time to have at least 3 meetings with patient’s organizations in order to better understand their needs
  • I will challenge myself and colleagues around the world on the language we use in our communication.
  • I will continue to share good examples of patient involvement to showcase the value it brings and motivate others to do the same.

For more examples and inspiration, check out the Pledge Record.
The INVOLVE Pledge to Patients Challenge runs from November 21st to February 28th with a target of 500 Pledges. 


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