Just over 10 months ago we launched the PFMD Global Mapping and Networking tool – a dynamic user-populated platform that categorizes and ‘maps’ patient existing initiatives, frameworks and organisations. The goal is to capture the patient involvement practices and its experts and gather them in one place to categorise them and feed the research and work on this issue as well as identifying good practices and share them. We urged those involved in patient patient engagement to ‘get on the map’ and had a tremendous and growing response to this call to with 113 organizations and 172 initiatives already in the tool. For the first time we are moving towards a global overview of what’s happening and Who’s Who in patient engagement.

We have worked with you and compiled the feedback to make the tool even easier to use and the tailored report outputs more focussed and more valuable for users and organizations. Information is gathered through a user-populated questionnaire that let’s you enter details of your initiatives and generates both an organisation and an initiative report. The more specific and detailed the information entered then the more valuable and relevant the reports become so we’ve made some important enhancements to the tool to capture more meaningful data.  

Enhancement #1: Choose from 7 possible focus points



Enhancement #2: Dive deeper using subcategories and differentiators

Enhancement #3: Generate more detailed, relevant and clearer reports that you can use

We are constantly reviewing the tool and incorporating user feedback to make the tool as relevant and valuable as possible so welcome input and comments. ‘Get on the map’ and get in touch with any suggestions.