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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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The Patient Doctor Tango

Sarah Krüg, Executive Director of CANCER101, Founder of the Health Collaboratory and PFMD board member explores the pivotal role the patient-doctor relationship plays in effective patient engagement in a video of her recent Tedx Talk in...

Breaking the record for patients

PFMD’s Pledge to Patients is a personal promise to make the small changes that add up to a real cultural shift. It’s been designed to be simple, meaningful and shareable to inspire anyone committed to PE to make their own Pledge. Click...

Stakeholder Expectations Matrix Update

The manuscript for the Stakeholder Expectations Matrix is in preparation and planned for submission to Health Expectations Journal. We’ve also had an abstract accepted for poster presentation at the International Society For...

SYNaPsE – Your patient engagement hub just got better

SYNaPsE – PFMD’s Global Mapping and Networking Tool aims to SYNergise Patient Engagement. It’s a dynamic user-populated platform that categorizes and ‘maps’ patient engagement initiatives and frameworks, and organisations...

Co-creation through collaboration – PFMD meta-framework

We’ve held several multi-stakeholder workshops to drive co-creation of a meta-framework for PE (click here for background to the project). One of the priority outputs from the workshops was PE Quality Guidance and Quality Criteria....