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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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Patients want to be part of the drug development process

PFMD member Laure Delbecque, Associate Director, Clinical Outcomes Assessment & Patient Reported Outcomes, Pharmerit International shares her views on how patient attitudes towards medicines development are changing: Patients today have...

Patients are our biggest supporters – and our biggest challengers

Author: Claire Nolan, Research Involvement Manager, Parkinson’s UK What happens when you ask 39,000 members what they think of you? In the case of Parkinson’s UK we did this around 7 years ago and it transformed our organisation –...

Where we’ll be next month – DIA participation

Going to DIA 2017 (June 18-22 in Chicago, Illinois)? Why not join PFMD members Marc Boutin (NHC) and Roslyn Schneider (Pfizer) on Tuesday 20 June. Marc will be chairing the forum “Walking the walk in patient focused medicines...

SYNaPsE – Your patient engagement hub just got better

SYNaPsE – PFMD’s Global Mapping and Networking Tool aims to SYNergise Patient Engagement. It’s a dynamic user-populated platform that categorizes and ‘maps’ patient engagement initiatives and frameworks, and organisations...

Stakeholder Matrix Survey Updates

Delivering meaningful patient engagement in medicines development and lifecycle requires all stakeholders to have a common purpose and vision and also clear understanding of expectations. That’s why we have carried out the Stakeholder...

Co-creation through collaboration – PFMD task forces

Co-creating a meta-framework for patient engagement takes collective effort and commitment. We have now held 5 workshops with 62 international participants representing patients/ patient organisations, industry (including CRO and biotech),...

Welcome to our new Members!

PFMD is delighted to welcome to its growing membership two new organisations who are very active in the PE community – INVOLVE and DIA. For over two decades, the national advisory group INVOLVE has been spearheading the drive to...

Patient centricity – a collaborative definition

Author: Guy Yeoman, VP Patient Centricity, Global Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca.  More than ever before we are told to strive to be more patient centric in the way we develop our medicines of the future. But what does this actually mean?...

Publications Alert

‘Improving Patient Involvement in Medicines Research and Development: A Practical Roadmap’ has just been published in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. Authored by PFMD’s Jan Geissler and co-authors Bettina Ryll, Mary...

PFMD at first ever European Patient as Partners Conference

PFMD was present at the first ever Patients as Partners (PaP) event to be held in Europe (5-6 February, London). Nicholas Brooke, PFMD CEO and Jan Geissler, Director at EUPATI, talked about the fragmented patient engagement landscape, the...