“The patient is in the center of everything we do”. This is the kind of statement we keep hearing across industry departments, clinical institutions, patient advocacy organisations or regulators. But even though it’s a common statement, usually it feels like something someone else should do, right?

From words to action

Asking patients for their opinion and have that opinion impact the way medicines development is being planned and implemented is probably one of the most fundamental changes over the past decade – and in ten years, we will wonder how R&D have ever led to meaningful outcomes without incorporating patient preferences from the start.

So the question “but what should I do?” still remains. This is where the Pledge to Patients comes in. This inspiration and personal development tool combines the power of the individual’s desire for more meaningful patient engagement with the three guiding principles of listening, co-creating, and communicating with patients that the whole healthcare system should embrace every step of the way.

Your words and your actions

The Pledge to Patients is something anyone can do. It’s quick, simple and meaningful. It’s a personal promise to make the small changes that add up to  a real cultural shift and, an evolution of the entire medicines development environment.

Real people, real goals, a network of like minded individual moving the needle when it comes to patient engagement – inspired by others and inspiring others – that’s what the Pledge to Patients means.

How to do it

Go here to take a real commitment. No inspiration? No problem. We have real examples as per your role. You can also check out the pledge record – all commitments ever made. You can even user the search engine to find colleagues or friends (feel free to praise them with a heart).

Or find out more about the Pledge to Patients.

It is about you and everybody around you in healthcare, become a Pledge Ambassador to help spread and inspire the culture change that will turn patient engagement as a reality across the board- we have an ambassador resource kit to make it as easy as possible for you. Contact us to find out more.

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