The Patient Engagement Open Forum 2020

by | 16 Jul 2020

The third and by far the “biggest” Patient Engagement Open Forum to date kicked off on June  25th with over a 1,000 registered attendees across the whole program. This year, the Open Forum stretches over 8 virtual events and 18 sessions running from June until the end of November. 
If the first event is a sign of things to come, we can look forward to a vibrant and engaging series of sessions. We hosted more than 250 attendees, including senior figures representing patients and industry perspectives, amongst others. 
The opening plenary session kicked off with introductions from Nicholas Brooke from PFMD, Magda Chlebus from EFPIA (as co-lead of the PARADIGM project), Maria Dutarte from EUPATI, and Mathieu Boudes EPF (a co-lead of PARADIGM). 
It takes a village to raise a child,’ as one speaker put it, and it will require a broad community of stakeholders to nurture patient engagement as it matures. In practice, this will require the creation of tools to foster patient engagement and the adoption and internalisation of those materials and principles. The community now needs to make these tools an integral part of their operations, rather than as a mere ‘add-on’. 
The number of registrations gives us the confidence to believe that there is a growing willingness to make systematic patient engagement happen, and a prime opportunity to translate this momentum into sustained action. 
The opening virtual events for PEOF featured sessions from all co-organisers: PARADIGM had its first session on the tools development progress, EUPATI organised a panel discussion on MedTech, and PFMD had interactive workshops on patient engagement in the early stages, in plain language summaries and regulatory decision-making. 
PFMD will have a strong presence in the forthcoming sessions and you are encouraged to register and participate in the co-creation process. 
See the upcoming agenda and register for free here.
Check the workshop recording and the slides here:

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