Where we’ll be next month – DIA participation

by | 18 May 2017

Going to DIA 2017 (June 18-22 in Chicago, Illinois)? Why not join PFMD members Marc Boutin (NHC) and Roslyn Schneider (Pfizer) on Tuesday 20 June. Marc will be chairing the forum “Walking the walk in patient focused medicines development: from theory to practice what have we learned” (10.30-11.45am) with Tony Hoos (Amgen) and Jan Geissler (Patvocates) while Roslyn will present “Evolving Methods of Including Patients’ Input in Drug Development” (4.00-5.15pm). You can view the full DIA 2017 agenda here.
The next issue of the #MadeWithPatients will pe published in September 2017 when we will have lots to share with you. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for PFMD updates. If you have feedback on PFMD’s approach or if you want to get involved please feel free to contact us.


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