Graeme Johnston, patient and member of the Advisory Board of PFMD discusses inspiring new developments in patient engagement and some potential challenges in a video filmed at the DIA 2016 conference:

“The current state of patient engagement is incredibly exciting. It feels like we are in a new era because there are so many initiatives going on.

It’s vital that patients engage in the drug development process, I personally, have found it hugely rewarding to be involved as a patient activist. I have a lifelong condition – rheumatoid arthritis. By engaging and sharing my experiences I can perhaps change the way that patients with this disease are diagnosed and treated and so positively alter their experiences. I can help make things better not just for myself but for others too.

I know from people that I have spoken to that patient engagement has changed the way some organisations and regulators look at the entire drug development process. I think patients are already starting to be embraced as partners in many initiatives that are underway. However, I do think there is still has some way to go.

One of the biggest challenges that patient engagement faces is that there is a lot of disconnected activity. That is why I am so enthusiastic about what PFMD is doing in terms of mapping of patient engagement initiatives that are happening around the globe. It will lead to stakeholders from across the lifecycle of medicines development being able to share good practice, avoid duplication and increase their understanding of what effective patient engagement means for all stakeholders.

I have a firm belief that the coming together of regulators, pharmaceutical companies and scientists with patients who are willing to share their experiences and views will lead to better drugs. This is essential because it is not just the burden of illness that people with long term conditions suffer it’s also the burden of treatment.”

Watch the video to find out more.

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