It’s always really exciting to showcase something new and unique for the first time. So we are really thrilled to be taking the PFMD Global Landscape Mapping and Networking Tool on the road at the first ever Patients as Partners event to be held in Europe.

The Tool is a dynamic user-populated platform that categorizes and ‘maps’ existing initiatives and frameworks to provide snapshot views of the patient engagement landscape through different stakeholder perspectives. PFMD will have a booth at the Patients as Partners conference in London (5-6 February) where attendees can find out more and try out the Tool for themselves. They can explore the 154 initiatives already on the Tool, develop specific reports and more importantly GET ON THE MAP by adding their own patient engagement initiatives. You can follow our activities during the conference here.

With the growth and emerging importance of patient engagement, there is a corresponding surge in practices and knowledge but developed sporadically and inconsistently. As a result, the landscape is very scattered with no overview and clear understanding of what is going on. All stakeholders need to work together and learn from each other, practices need to be compared, good practices need to be harmonized, knowledge must be shared. As part of PFMD’s strategy to build an patient engagement efficient ecosystem the Global Mapping and Networking Tool allows us to do just that by bringing together initiatives and best practices that integrate the voice of the patient throughout the lifecycle of medicines.

PFMD’s contribution to the Patients as Partners conference extends beyond showcasing the Tool – we will have a strong presence there. Many of the featured speakers are active members of the PFMD coalition and Anton Hoos who is part of the PFMD Management Group and Head of Medical for Europe at Amgen will co-chair the 2-day event. PFMD Chief Executive Nicholas Brooke will speak at the event: outlining PFMD’s aims of improving global health by co-designing future healthcare for patients with patients. Nicholas will also discuss progress in meeting PFMD’s overarching goal –  facilitating the co-creation of an effective, globally standardized meta-framework for patient engagement.

For more information about the PFMD Global Landscape Mapping and Networking tool or to register your initiative visit

PFMD welcomes membership from institutions, organisations and enterprises that support a better future for patients. Join us and help shape the patient engagement landscape. 

Patients as Partners EU is co-produced with patients, industry, academia, government and non-profit organizations to offer a comprehensive program that addresses the needs of all stakeholders seeking to implement and advance patient involvement across the entire clinical development continuum. Patients as Partners Europe is accredited by Patients Included.

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