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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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Cancer patients to advise on Ireland’s oncology services

A 15-member Cancer Patient Advisory Committee is to play an active role in overseeing the planning and deliver of cancer services in Ireland. In what is a first for Irish healthcare, the group met this month and is expected to hold...

2018’s essential reads in patient engagement

Clinical practice guidelines provide expert recommendations that drive patient treatment decisions. Armstrong and colleagues convened two groups to look at clinical guidelines in dementia – one with patient representation and one...

Celebrating a happy anniversary with an eye on the future

The PFMD end of the year Board meeting (25th of October 2018) was held, by a happy and nostalgic coincidence, in the exact same room where the decision to first form PFMD was made in December 2014. 2018 was a big year for patient...

Wanted: patient engagement co-creators

PFMD is inviting the patient engagement contributors community to join a global collective effort to advance patient engagement Patient-Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) welcomes expressions of interest to join patient engagement work...

My journey into the world of patient engagement

Guest blog post authored by Paola Kruger (patient expert) and edited by Gary Finnegan (Editorial Coordinator, Patients Focused Medicine Development) After my diagnosis, I became a patient expert. Here is what I learned. I was diagnosed...

EUPATI Belgium: how education can drive patient engagement

Danielle Derijcke, EUPATI Belgium board member, tells Gary Finnegan how the ‘patients academy’ can empower patients to add value to medicines development The European Patients Academy (EUPATI) was launched in 2012 as a five-year...

Cochrane embraces Patient Engagement

If you were looking for a sign that patient engagement is going mainstream, here it is: this year’s Cochrane Colloquium shone its powerful spotlight on the need to involve patients at every step of the healthcare system. Cochrane is a...