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Patient health data: translating stories into science

How can real-world data be captured and shared in ways that marry the needs of patients and researchers?   Patients’ lived experience is increasingly viewed as a valuable datapoint in understanding and addressing unmet health needs....
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EU researchers to have access to ‘pool’ of patient experts

The value of including patients in medical research is now widely accepted. Yet one of the challenges for scientists and companies keen to embrace the concept of patient engagement is identifying suitably-qualified patient experts to work...

FDA calls on industry to speed up trials process

The FDA appears to be taking its regulatory role to new levels as it seeks to shape a better medicines development ecosystem. The recent statement by FDA Commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb focused on new strategies to modernise clinical trials...

Framework Development

From the beginning, PFMD worked to develop a systematic approach that ensures co-creation based on existing knowledge and balanced collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. This allows us to move away from isolated and fragmented...

Reduce the burden of legal agreements with WECAN and MPE

Collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and patient advocates typically requires both parties to sign contracts covering various topics. These written agreements can often be too long and complex, and can be ambiguous in nature....

Putting a figure on patient engagement

As part of the Fair Market Value global effort, we launched a survey in mid-December 2018. This was open to all types of stakeholders, and the goal was to better understand their views and expectations on the topic. We have received more...

Synapse – your tool for patient engagement

Synapse has evolved in the last year, from mapping to connecting the patient engagement ecosystem. The platform has grown 18% in initiatives and 30% in organisations since 2017, further adding to the diversity of the tool. This kind of...

Different patients, different solutions: PFMD at the EFGCP Annual Meeting

Danielle Barron speaks to PFMD co-founder Tony Hoos about his recent participation at the EFGCP Annual Conference in Brussels What is an acceptable level of uncertainty? What is an acceptable benefit/risk ratio? These questions and many...

The wide-ranging impact of patient access

Patient engagement means opening the door to patients for meaningful dialogue and contributions. A recent op ed in In Vivo explored several ways in which patient access can truly permeate the entire patient journey, especially in relation...

Europe highlights patient role in innovative medicines

The EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is encouraging patients and patient groups to play their part in developing therapies of the future. With a budget of €3.3 billion (2014-2020), the IMI is the world’s largest public-private...